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Topic outline

  • General Information

    Before attempting quizzes and assignments, please first watch the video clip. Sometimes, you may need to go over the video multiple times to understand all details. The courses are designed in a specific order. We recommended you follow it in that order.

    At the end of the course, a certificate will automatically be generated. Good luck and enjoy your course

  • Introduction

    To get introduced to the topic of this course, watch the video and make the accompanying quiz

  • Erlang-C calculations

    In this topic we will get familiar with the Erlang-C calculations. What are they used for and how do we use the calculators.

    Not available unless: The activity Introduction quiz is marked complete
  • Erlang-C calculations in Excel

    Not available unless: The activity Erlang-C Quiz is marked complete
  • Scale

    Not available unless: The activity Erlang-C Exercise is marked complete
  • Erlang X

    Not available unless: The activity Scale Assignment is marked complete
  • Erlang-X Calculations in Excel

    Not available unless: The activity Erlang-X Quiz is marked complete
  • Feedback and Certificate

    To obtain this Certificate of Completion you must score 60% or higher on every assignment and quiz. The final assignment must be 80% or higher. You can retry every single topic as much as you would like. There is no limit in time or number of tries.
    Before you move on to the next course, please give us feedback on this course!