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Topic outline

  • General Information

    Before attempting quizzes and assignments, please first watch the video clip. Sometimes, you may need to go over the video multiple times to understand all details. The courses are designed in a specific order. We recommended you follow it in that order.

    At the end of the course, a certificate will automatically be generated. Good luck and enjoy your course

    • Introduction WFM overview and history of callcenters

      Let's begin
    • Contactcenter Performance Measures

      How to measure CCC performance?

    • CCC Roles and Responsibilities

      Staff- and line functions and WFM in a CCC

    • The operational WFM cycle

      Introduction to the WFM support of day-to-day CCC operations

    • Operational forecasting

      Introduction to the operational forecasting process

    • Operational WFM planning cycle

      Introduction to the operational planning process

    • Scheduling

      Introduction to the scheduling process

    • Traffic Management

      Introduction to the traffic management process

    • The Tactical WFM Cycle

      Introduction to the WFM support of CCC tactical operations

    • Occupancy and FTE

      About occupancy and fte and how to use them in a capacity plan

    • Strategic WFM Cycle

      Introduction to the WFM support of CCC strategy

    • WFM Implementation

      An example of WFM organization in processes, functions and departments

    • Feedback and Certificate

      Before you move on to the next course, we would like to hear your feedback on this one.

      To obtain the Certificate of Completion your average grade of all topics should be higher than 80%. You can retry every single topic as much as you would like. There is no limit in time or number of tries.