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Topic outline

  • Introduction to the course

    In this Excel for WFM course we will show practical use of different functions and formulas, show you how to cut, paste and copy information and how to select cells.

    No previous knowledge is required to start with this course, except that you know how to start the excel program on your computer. Sometimes, a reference is given to the WFM glossary. Please make sure that you fully understand what the different terms and concepts mean when you start using them. When you have any questions, please use the forum, or participate in one of our feedback events to interact with one of our teachers.

    If you feel that you have already mastered the basics of Excel, we offer an opportunity to test out with the "Complete the course at once" quiz at the bottom of the course. More info on this are in its description.

    Please enjoy your course.

    • Cells, more cells, and what to do with them..

      In this section of the course we will go over the most important excel basics. And though some of them will feel pretty basic indeed, please bear with me, as thorough excel knowledge is essential for nearly all WFM-related activities

    • Basic Formulas and functions

      Excel can help you with a lot of WFM calculations.

      One of the first things you should know, being interested in WFM, is that there is usually more than one way to do the math. In excel there is usually more than a dozen ways to do the math. It is all about keeping it simple and comprehensible. Sometimes using a formula is the answer, and sometimes it's better to use a function.

      In this apprentice course we will try to make you familiar with the syntax of some of the functions that are used a lot by WFM specialists like: Sum, Average, Min, Max and Count.

    • Excel for WFM Apprentice Quiz

      • The WFM Excel Apprentice quiz
        Restricted Not available unless: The activity Using reference cells in functions is marked complete
    • Feedback and Certificate

      Before you move on to the next topic we would like to hear your feedback!