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  1. In any contact center there is an abundance of metrics. The challenge is to find and use the metrics that matter for your organization.
  2. Examples: Handling time, Occupancy, Shrinkage, Longest Idle Agent, .....
  3. When defining metrics, it all begins with simplicity. If we were to look at our reports and processes, the ways in which we communicate information, and the goals that we target, can we identify the waste? Can we review information we've captured and determine which metrics we've used in meaningful ways versus data we've done nothing with? A great starting point is to sort out which metrics are the "must measures" for contact centers. These include first-contact resolution, service-level and response time, adherence to schedule, forecasting accuracy, self-service accessibility, contact quality, and customer satisfaction. While we should measure additional factors, these metrics are absolute essentials.

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